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Immersive Marketing with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Immersive Marketing with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Immersive marketing through immersive and interactive experiences of virtual reality and augmented reality are the real opportunity of our days for the promotion of brands and to enhance the online sale of products and services, to improve the customer experience, and to retain all customers, both B2B and B2C.

Virtual shopping for virtual stores and e-commerce, travel and virtual visits for hospitality and tourism are unmissable opportunities to create new experiential marketing strategies, stimulating perceptions, emotions and sensory sensations never experienced before. It is clear that experience is the new marketing.

The importance of immersive marketing campaigns

Transporting the consumer, the customer, the guest within a story, an experience, changes the way we interact with our content, our brand, the perception of everything that represents us, the viewer becomes an actor, participant, chooses the path, the time, is active and an integral part of the action.

The London Industry company has attracted its audience through virtual reality, through which it has shared how it impacts directly. Viewers can experience the virtual visit of the real store and make purchases through the integrated e-commerce platform and through an online virtual reality video or through a virtual reality experience in a physical store of the brand.

What these examples have in common is the ability to put the user at the center of the story, at the center of the immersive experience. This is immersive marketing.

By immersing themselves in the content, users experience the story in a totally new way. The door opens to a more meaningful link with the brand.

Living an immersive experience in a wonderful place before embarking on a journey, a visit to a Hotel, a Resort, a destination are some examples that have in common is the ability to put the user at the center of the story, at the center of the immersive experience that can be lived in advance, comfortably at home. This is also immersive marketing.

What are the benefits of immersive marketing?

  • Enhanced customer experience that strengthens the bond with the brand.
  • High customization of the experience and content.
  • Independence from physical place, time and contact. Communication between customer and brand is strengthened.

For brands it is a great advantage for the perception of reliability by the customer, in this way it stands out from the competition.

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