Vertigo_VR - Esperienza Digitale Immersiva Interattiva in 3D 360

The importance of the Virtual Experience.

Vertigo_VR - 3D 360° Immersive Interactive Digital Experience

Whether you are looking for an interactive virtual showroom, an interactive virtual store or an interactive virtual event, the Virtual Experience is a fundamental tool in visual communication integrated with marketing through the Vertigo_VR digital platform.

The new generation virtual tour, with photorealistic renderings or photographed environments, allows you to explore an environment enriched with elements of augmented reality and multimedia insights:

Traditional and 360 ° 3D photographs in high resolution, traditional and 360 ° 3D videos in high resolution, browsable brochures, audio, text to speech, e-commerce integrated into the platform or external, with the presence on the scene of people who simply click animate and talk while you can continue to move in space!

A new, immersive, engaging experience that takes your breath away. Involving customers and the sales network with ever new experiences full of innovation and tradition to give the customer a unique emotion.

(Gianni Buonsante)

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