Vertigo_VR - Esperienza Digitale Immersiva Interattiva in 3D 360
Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition created with VertigoVR

Bringing art to the homes of admirers and visitors has been made possible through virtual galleries. We can see exhibits of Gianni Buonsante’s works through the virtual gallery created with, Gianni has exhibitions dedicated to Kenya, New York City, and soon, you will be able to see London and Stockholm, visible at

Sharing emotions through photography with an immersive and interactive digital experience, staying comfortably at home, perhaps wearing VR glasses is truly engaging: you will feel as if you were physically walking through the exhibition halls, taking the time to linger in front of each work without anyone disturbing you.

“Well, yes ! from your sofa immersive virtual exhibitions are not just a theory, they are already the future.”

With the Virtual Gallery created with VertigoVR you can show your products and services to customers and the sales network with a technological and digital platform that preserves the characteristics of emotional sales.

Opportunities for artists, art galleries, museums:

  • Exhibiting the works in a virtual gallery, available 24 hours a day, allows you to increase the reach of the public, enriching the experience with multimedia content in the language;
  • Selling prints in various formats, gadgets, with the integrated e-commerce platform.

Opportunities for companies, for brands:

  • Exhibit, as if they were works of art, their products, new collections, enriching the experience with multimedia content in the language;
  • Selling products with an engaging shopping experience!

For everyone, the opportunity to guide the shopping experience through a dedicated audio video session with one or more users. A real remote sales assistant.

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