Vertigo_VR - Esperienza Digitale Immersiva Interattiva in 3D 360

Virtual site inspection for Hotel & Resort for an immersive digital experience.

VertigoVR.IT | 3D 360° Immersive Digital Interactive Experience  Immersiva Interattiva in 3D 360

Travel restrictions but also distance can be overcome by a virtual site inspection.

The customer experience is digital, immersive, interactive and can be guided by an operator through a dedicated audio-video session within the platform as well as from the chat.

Some research indicates that 44% of travelers want a hybrid experience between digital and physical.

Reducing travel, costs, complaints and optimizing customer relationships is an essential element in today’s businesses. Use us 24/7. It is an experience that the customer can live independently with or without VR glasses, the feeling of being there is really strong.

It helps to keep traveling even when physical travel is not possible.

(Gianni Buonsante)

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Guided Experience

The visit can also be remote-controlled by an operator through an audio-video session. Would you like more information?