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Interactive Immersive Digital Experience with photo shoots, videos, photorealistic renderings in 360 ° 3D - VR

The time we are living in, the evolution of technology, of digital connections is increasingly present in our lives and in everyday life. We require a new approach to photography that has become increasingly experiential, immersive, interactive multimedia that involves the customer and to trigger conversions.

Virtual Sales Channel

Increase the ROI (Return on Investment) of your brand by bringing Retail Stores online: give your e-commerce a boost by creating your virtual sales channel. Experience the benefits of having a platform that combines the 0Nline and 0FFline channel.

We integrate e-commerce within the virtual tours of your stores. The experience can also be guided by the Virtual Shopping Assistant. Check out more >>

We create a very high-resolution Photo Session
We implement photorealistic renderings

Virtual Site Inspection

Increase the engagement of your customers with a virtual visit. It is not just a necessity these days but a Best Practice that allows users, customers, partners, to carry out a high-resolution remote visit through a satisfying and exciting experience at the same time.

The visit can also be remotely supervised or guided by an operator through a dedicated audio-video session. Check out more >>

We create a very high-resolution Photo Session
We implement photorealistic renderings

Training for companies and Education

Improve the quality of training and user engagement across our platforms. The experience has amplified also through the use of VR glasses which makes the difference in both Industrial and Educational areas.

Three-dimensional digital training is a step forward in the digital learning, training experience and team building. We can make timed quizzes to measure learning with a score. Export the results in csv (comma separated values) and import them into your LMS (Learning Management System).

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Interactive Immersive Digital Experience
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High resolution Photo, Video, Render
Are you ready to evolve your business

The Shopping of the Present and the Future is Virtual

We build your Virtual Commerce strategy with a beautiful, fast, interactive, experiential platform

The customer becomes the protagonist of your story and part of your Brand.

We make the visit experience unique wherever your customers are

Transforming the experience from flat, intangible, to three-dimensional and immersive is an important step in engaging the customer who, increasingly, seeks the online experience with the traits of physical experience.

VertigoVR.IT | 3D 360° Immersive Digital Interactive Experience

The virtual gallery created with VertigoVR

Virtual Exhibition

Do not allow art to disappear, we all need it, today more than ever. We need emotions filled with images.

Gianni Buonsante exhibits and promotes his works through the virtual gallery created with, starting with the exhibition dedicated to Kenya and soon also New York City.

Transmitting positive messages is important, we can do it through photography with an immersive and interactive digital experience while staying comfortably at home, perhaps wearing Virtual Reality (VR) glasses for greater intensity: you will feel like you are physically in the place of the exhibition.

Yes, from your sofa, immersive virtual exhibitions are not just for this moment, they are already the future.

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